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Fox Island, East Wall  |  USA: Pacific Northwest

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Ozette Dr FI, Fox Island, WA

Type: Saltwater
Access: Difficult Shore Entry
Parking: Good
Amenities: Restrooms, Showers

Ratings (1-5):
Reviews: 8
Enjoyment: 4.36
Visibility: 3.73
Current: 2.91
Aquatic Life: 4.09

Photo Gallery:

Immer after diving Fox Island East Wall
Red Dendronotid
Scalyhead Sculpin
Wolf Eel
Pacific Spiny Lumpsucker
Gumboot Chiton
Nanaimo Nudibranchs - Grey Phase
Buffalo Sculpin
Leopard Dorid
Leafy Hornsmouth Snail
Lewis' Moon Snail


Wall, Boulder Pile / Shelves, Eel Grass Beds


There is a main wall directly out from the end of the trail. Just drop in and swim. You'll find the top of the wall very close to shore in about 15ftsw. The bottom is really only about 45ft down at this spot and can range to 70 at the deepest. If you follow the wall until it runs out all the way to the south, keep going and head a little deeper to find the southern most wall. There are some shelves and another wall north of the pier. Swim directly out from the large boulder on the beach to about 20ftsw and work your way north (left) along the shelves. They will lead you to the northern most wall. Expect to see LOTS of sculpin, gunnels and other war bonnets, and other critters on the walls. Other creatures frequently found include rock fish, red irish lords, various greenling varieties, and the occasional octopus. Above the wall you’ll find boulders and kelp with the usual variety of creatures hanging out. Beyond the bottom of the wall, the bottom slopes downward and is mostly cobble and shells. There are a few shelves to explore, but not nearly as neat as the walls.

Special Restrictions:

Marked as advanced because of potential currents. Once the current starts moving there is nowhere to go but out. When dove at about an hour before slack on a low exchange it is an easy and exciting dive for anyone.

Gate closes 1 hour after sunset so be sure to time your dive so you don't get your car locked in the park.

How to get there:

The park can be a bit tricky to find so map it well. Once at this site, walk around the right side of the restrooms to a trail that runs down to the water along a fence. DO NOT TAKE THE PAVED PATH - that leads to the pier and it has no beach access. It is a long walk back up with gear so learn from my mistake and take the trail. There is a little bit of a walk down to the water from the parking lot but the entry is easy from there. No surface swim is required and the top of the main wall starts about 15ft below the surface.

Thanks to ChevaYEA for submitting this site!
  Comments Leave Review  
Dive Wife9/12/2009Rating: 5
This was is favorite shore dive in Washington. Easy access to the dive site, restrooms and rinse area, and a beautiful wall. We were buzzed by a large dogfish a few times and saw lots of invertebrates and fish hiding on the wall plus one giant octo.

Bassman7/30/2009Rating: 3
We had a short dive but saw some of the deep wall, (70+ fsw)and some of the shallow wall, (20-15 fsw)as well. On the second dive, the current had already switched. Allot of the wall was covered in kelp or maybe we did not find it at all,(The main North wall).We did see some cool shelves but not the big wall I remember Chevayea showed me last year. I also think it was around the winter or fall when there was not as much kelp there.

The walk back up was not as long as Sunrise and it did get the ol' heart rat pumping a bit but as soon as you think it's starting to get hard, you see the stairs and it's cake from there on up. more info and pictures are here...http://www.nwdiveclub.com/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=9068&p=107487#p107487

Bassman3/20/2009Rating: 5
Three separate walls in two dives! Cheveyea treated me to a couple of fantastic dives today What can I say but, "Freaking Awesome!" : The entry down to the beach was long and kind of steep. I would say, Three Tree N. X3. Not as extreme, as Sunny Side. But still a good work out! Well,to tell the truth, this might be better than Day Island Wall. First of all ,there are at least three walls and I think we kinda went to a fourth wall but it was a little deep (74')for my Suunto on a second dive. There was several Heart crab, Decorator crab and then I guess the smaller ones were kelp crab (maybe). Cheveyea found a cool Butterfly crab and pointed it out to me.On the way back on the first dive, I found a Gum Boot Chiton(?sp) I've heard of it before, but have never actually seen one. A couple of Wolff Eels, Some cool Sailfin's and just an incredible change of scenery, from what I'm used to seeing down on the South end! Oh, and vis was 40' and 20' in different areas of the walls. If the tides / currents are good, and I can get away from working or even general life circumstances, I'm looking fwd to visiting this dive, again! Thanks Cheveyea for a great couple of dives!

Slobert11/6/2008Rating: 4
We got here an hour and a half before perdicted slack at the narrows, but it was allready slacking. we got geared up as fast as we could, but the current was going pretty well when we got down to the watter. We chose to dive it anyways, as in the past I have noticed the wall has eddies here and there you can tuck into. The current was worse on the shelf and not too bad on the wall. we dropped to the base of the wall then worked up current and drifted back mid way up the wall. We then went over and checked out the north wall and got blasted by current but it was fun. Three GO's, one out in the open on the main wall. A grunt sculpin, wargonnet, snailfish plus all the usual denzians fo this site such as painted greenlings, gunnels, and buffalo sculpin. Also some copper rockfish in the cracks. A great dive all together. One of the easiest walls in the area to do! Go check it out.

SwimmerTodd3/29/2008Rating: 5
This was a great dive! We took a couple of friends for their first cold water dive. The tides were perfect and we had a great time. Not to mention, we found a spiny lumpsucker! That two we've seen in as many weeks! There weren't as many fish this time as I usually see at the east wall, but there is so much invertebrate life that it doesn't matter. Love it!


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