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Jorsted Creek

Located on Hood Canal
35701-35899 U.S. 101 , Lilliwaup, WA
Google Map

Type: Other
Access: Moderate Shore Entry
Parking: Limited

Photo Gallery:

Giant Pacific Octopus in it's den
Diamond Back Nudibranch
Cucumber Feeding
Glove Sponge
Boring Sponges

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Debris, Wall, Large Rock Formation / Pinnacle, Boulder Pile / Shelves


Walls start at 70ft - 110ft. There are Wolf Eels, Sea Anemones, Rock Fish, Lingcod, Octopus, Lots of oysters, Rock Scallops.

Special Restrictions:

Fishing & Crabbing is seasonal.

How to get there:

10 miles N of Hoodsport on the 101. N of mile marker 321. There is a small pull out along side the road, large enough for a few cars and a short trail leading down to the water.

Stop at Hood Sport n Dive for a map of dive site & directions.

Thanks to Hoodsport for submitting this site!
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ChevaYEA4/30/2009Rating: 3
We dove this by boat and the walls are more toward the entry point than we anticipated so we missed them on our first pass and ran into the sea whip garden to the North. Once we found them I was impressed by the cool structure they provided and the tons of rockfish hanging out. The large rock in the 30' range has lots of small life to photograph and the color is good thanks to the shallow depths.

Bassman8/2/2008Rating: 3
I only dove this site once as a night dive and I would like to get back for a daytime dive. But the walk down to the water is very steep and I think even steeper on the way back up with all of your gear on. There is definitely some good ledges or short walls for critters to hang out.

jetlag9/9/2005Rating: 5
I've been to Jorstad Creek many times, but on this dive I saw my first decorated warbonnet lounging on the top of the drop-off at 70 feet, then saw two octopi fully sprawled out below their dens. In retrospect, the octopi may have been suffering from the now annual low oxygen early Fall conditions. That would jive with the lenses of shrimp and rockfish I saw earlier in the dive - an unusual number of individuals hanging out together at depths where there was still some oxygen left. One thing I like about Jorstad Creek is that it is usually open to dive if nearby Sund Rock and Octopus Hole are busy. You have to walk a couple hundred feet on a dirt path over roots and small drops but you get access to the drop-off on the left and the pier wreckage on the right.


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